10X your profits by getting product and service video testimonials in a flash!

We can all agree that video testimonials and video reviews for products and services are in high demand! Everyone is searching for true facts making their buying decision a highly rated, confident, and comfortable one.

These valuable video’s on products and services that you see advertised everywhere, help to increase brand recognition, trust, and entice one’s judgment leading to the sale.


Key findings include: 97 percent of consumers consult product testimonials and reviews while 85 percent of consumers seek out negative reviews before making a purchase. Over one-third of shoppers won’t purchase products in a brick-and-mortar store without first consulting testimonials and reviews.

What is a Testimonial Generator, and how can it help my business?

Testimonial generator allows you to

Get the valuable feedback and testimonials that your business deserves.

Makes the purchase decision for future prospects confident and rewarding.

Takes away any second-guessing on and from the original products, services and purchase, with the ultimate way of displaying social proof.

Simply send out Testimonial Generator – Post Testimonial Generator – Receive incoming testimonials and reviews – Profit greatly from it!

Testimonial Generator gives you the ability to generate a video link on the fly. So you can request and receive video testimonials and reviews anywhere at any time. Send out that video link. (In an email – In a text message – Post it to Social Media – Post it on your website or blog).

Ask for valuable feedback, reviews, and positive testimonials about your products and or services to increase the trust and loyalty with your brand.

Once your customers, raving fans receive the video testimonial link from you:
1. They simply hit the record a testimonial button from any device.
2. They click to save the video that they just created.
3. The video is automatically sent back to you and found in your Testimonial Generator video library. At which you can display these videos everywhere to build your credibility, increasing sales, leads, and trust with your viewers and future prospects.
4. You will also receive an email notification that you have just received a video testimonial in your account so that you can take immediate action in utilizing these highly valuable and profitable videos for your business model.

It’s just that easy!

Feature these highly valuable video testimonials in your Social Network space. On your website or blog. This kind of social proof with amazing feedback and reviews will instantly give your company brand credibility creating trust and loyalty in the marketplace. Which will drive sales for your business model whether it be physical products, services, opportunity-based, traditional brick-and-mortar!

Outside of business and sales. Use Testimonial Generator for special events. Send out the video link to wedding attendees, graduation attendees, reunion members, and receive hundreds of different video’s recorded at and from the same event! Yes, all those video’s recorded will be automatically sent back to you and found in your video library inside your Testimonial Generator account!

Think Viral!

When you send out a Testimonial Generator to receive testimonials and reviews. Your video testimonial recipient will be offered a free demo account on your behalf once they have saved the video. If they choose to upgrade. You will collect up to a 50% commission on every Testimonial Generator paid account! The truth is you will be collecting commissions whether you want to or not.

Accelerate Your Marketing Efforts!

To increase the viral component and to maximize your commission payouts. They have also included sales pages, banners, ad and swipe copy in your Testimonial Generator account for you to use. In case you would like to add a new primary or secondary source of income and capitalize on their 50% commission payout.

To see the inner workings of this simple to use Testimonial Generator to increase the trust, loyalty, and profits for your business model, you can grab a free demo account right here!

==> Testimonials Rock!!!

10X your profits by getting product and service video testimonials in a flash!

How to turn your passion into profit:

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