2 Tiny Words that Will Change Your Life

Words Have Power

Imagine if just 2 tiny words could completely change how you look at things, how you feel about your day and even how happy you are in the moment.

These 2 tiny words can literally change your life if you employ them in everything you do throughout your day.

And here they are…(Where’s the drumroll when you need it? Or maybe even a cowbell?)

“…get to…”

That’s it. The words are “get to” as in, “I get to do this next thing I’m about to do.”

Next time you’re thinking you have to do something…

•    I have to finish writing this email
•    I need to create this product
•    I must pick up the kids from school

Change your language like this…

•    I get to finish writing this email
•    I get to create this product
•    I get to pick up the kids from school

This tiny change in vocabulary can have a subtle and sometimes very dramatic effect on how you feel and thus the actions you take and what you are able to accomplish in your life and business. Just 2 little words can make all the difference.

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