5 Tips for Working at Home Successfully

So, you’ve decided to start a home based business. Congratulations, and welcome to the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. The thrill of growing your business, the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, and the possibilities of ever-increasing financial rewards are all wonderful reasons to start a home based business. While there is a lot to learn, your effort will be worth it. Our exclusive training program will literally allow you to rise to the top of the company’s ranks.

7 Tips for Working at Home Successfully

Now that you’ve decided to start your business, you might be wondering “How can I get it off to the strongest possible start?” These 7 tips will help:

First and foremost, get yourself signed up with the highest earning team you possibly can. You can do this for as little as $20 and receive the exact same training as our top earners. In fact, some of those top earners will be doing the training, showing you exactly how you can start profiting in as little as 24 hours.

Set up a separate working space in your home. It doesn’t matter if this is a small bedroom, one part of the garage, or a corner of the living room. I used to work out of my closet. The important thing is to have some space that you can designate as your working area. This will give you the space and room you need to craft your dream.

Stock your working space with materials. This sounds basic, perhaps, but one underlying element of success is that you have easy access to the tools, materials, and other resources you need. Gathering everything close by also keeps you from wasting time searching for it, so this step can be considered a time management strategy, too. We send you a complete list of “materials you’ll want at your fingertips, all in the form of bookmarks. Click and access. Couldn’t get any easier to stock your space with the materials you’ll need.

Speaking of time management, your third step is to define the parameters of your business. What days and hours will you work? We recommend 1-2 hours each day. Myself?  I spend about 1 and 1/2 hours, but allow myself more  time to work with my team individually, as needed. When will you do your marketing? Marketing can be done in that 1-2 hour time frame mentioned. At first, it may take you a little longer, but in no time at all you’ll begin whipping out content with ease.

Balance action with planning. One of the most common pitfalls to successful entrepreneurship is getting too caught up in action without enough planning. Stated another way, this means that you confuse “being busy” with “working on important projects.” The best approach is to plan your next couple of goals and then work backwards to create step-by-step action plans to reach them. Once you have the plan, then it’s time to take action.

Network like crazy. One of the fastest ways to grow any business is to make connections with other people. Be sure to share your passion and enthusiasm with others at every opportunity. Let people know who you are and what you offer. Remember, people can’t buy if they don’t know you’re selling.

Present a professional image. If you want to be treated professionally, present a professional image. As soon as possible,  for tax purposes, set up a separate bank account for your business. Install a separate phone and fax line. Create professional marketing materials. Be courteous and pleasant in all your customer-facing interactions. Basically, be someone people want to do business with.

Automate your business as much as possible. Granted, you are just one person (right now) and might have a lot of extra time to take care of all the details. This might work for now, but won’t work into the future as you get busier and busier. We have an app, available to our members only, that allows you the ability to immediately respond to your leads via phone, text message and/or email. One might suggest an autoresponder here to keep in touch with your leads. With our team, that is totally not necessary. You’re leads are auto-entered into our team autoresponder encoded with your information as the sponsor, should they chose to join.

Working at home can be a dream come true for many people, and these days with computers and the internet, it’s more realistic than ever before. That said, building a business requires a true desire, as well as determination to be successful. If you have these qualities and are committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful, the dream of working from home can soon become your reality.

For more information about the opportunity and success that can be had, please visit us at http://www.20to20k.com.

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