How to Start a Podcast on a Tight Budget

I’m about to blow your #1 podcasting excuse out of the water.

How to Start a Podcast on a Tight Budget

If you think you can’t start a podcast because you:

A: Don’t know what equipment to buy, how to set it up and how to use it

B: You can’t afford all that fancy, expensive equipment

Then I’ve got ONE word for you:


Anchor is a free, beginner-friendly platform for podcast creation. It’s got the tools you need to record and edit audio and arrange it into podcast episodes like a professional.

You can record episodes in the Anchor app on your smartphone… Yes, on your SMARTPHONE! 😊

Just hit record, speak and when you’re done it will automatically add it your Anchor account for publishing.

Anchor is free to use but unlike most of their competitors they also help you monetize your podcast by placing ads alongside (or even inside) your content.

My experience is they will usually allow you to generate $50 to $100 in ad revenue in the early days and if your podcast proves popular, they will help find additional sponsors in your niche who are willing to continue investing in your content.

You can learn more and try it now at:

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