I get it! I really do!

I get it! I really do!

No one wants to contract, or transmit to a loved one, the coronavirus illness. The thoughts of possibly dying from it can be terrifying. And, it’s quite possible, these vaccines that are used are legitimate and effective. But, it’s also quite possible they are not all that they are reported to be.

I am NOT suggesting that you either get it, or not get the vaccine. What I am suggesting is that before deciding which way to turn, do your homework. Look at both sides of the issue. Find out what the real results may, or may not be. Ask yourself if you’re making your decision based on intimidation and/or fear, or on sound scientific data.

Does the vaccine really work in the majority of cases?, or is the data being skewed to represent what one side or the other wants you to believe. The key thing to remember is this .. you still have a choice. Make your choice based on facts as you perceive them to be, not on what someone else wants you to believe.

Lead your own life and make your own choices, and let other’s have the right to do the same without shaming them for choosing their own path, just as you have chosen yours.

I get it! I really do!

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