It all began so long ago!

Earn 4-5 Figures Monthly

It began with selling online, even before there was this thing called, the Internet. It was summer of 1984, just me and my Commodore 64 along with the 19.6 baud modem writing DOS video games and selling them on Bulletin Board Service, which operated much like short-wave radios

Then came the Internet. A new monster was born. All the electronic wizards had high hopes for this new technology, no one imagined the impact it would have on the world.

Another monster was born in the early 90’s — the Internet Marketer.  I’m not going to go into the history of Internet marketing except to say it had some tough beginnings but blossomed, eventually, into the megalomaniacs dream come true.

Here it is 2022, 38 years after I first began with a computer, discovering my passion of helping people get what they want or need.  There have been a lot success, and failures. The one thing I discovered is that each failure makes you either hesitant, or more determined to succeed.

Of all the successful ventures I’ve enjoyed, the SHG group combined with the top earning TFT members has by far been my greatest, most successful venture to date.  I have earned more in my first 3 months with these guys than I did after a full year with my other endeavors.

I’ve been authorized by both the SHG group and TFT membership leaders to provide you with a limited opening into this extremely lucrative opportunity. An opportunity that will provide all the training and support possible. Incomes of 5 – figures monthly are not only possible, but highly likely using the knowledge gained from the TFT training.

It’s really so simple that even I was skeptical, at first.  I’m certainly not a skeptic any more.

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