NEW $137 Million / Day MUSIC Loophole

Do you have an account with Spotify or YouTube?
What about Google Music, Amazon Prime or Apple?

If so, you have everything needed to profit by listening to music, and getting paid each time..


Watch this video to see how this weird loophole works:  ==>


Music streaming is a $50 billion opportunity.  That’s $136 million a day!  The major record labels and huge tech companies are making BILLIONS.


Imagine grabbing a slice of that cash mountain, right from your smartphone!  Now in the old days, this wasn’t possible.  The ONLY people getting “under-the-table” bribes were radio station owners and DJs.  But in 2021, music streaming apps mean ANYONE can do this.

BUT, to take advantage of the loophole yourself, you need 2 things:

  1. Knowledge of this modern musical loophole.
  2. A specific cloud-based app to exploit it.

An app called PAYOLA.

Payola automates everything needed to make daily cash, from this new moula-for-music opportunity.  Just hit play, load the app, and let the AI do the rest.

And, since this is a new method, there’s ZERO affiliate marketing.  No ClickBank, No WarriorPlus, No JVZoo.  In fact, this blue ocean is so new, there’s literally no-one else doing this.

Check it out here


It’s the combination of the $50 billion streaming loophole with this new browser-based automated software that makes this new system so profitable.

And so easy!

The loophole provides the opportunity.  The app does the rest!

All YOU need to do is decide what type of music you listen to.  And yes, this works with any genre.


  • Pop to rock
  • rap…to soul…
  • R&B to jazz…
  • hip-hop to classical..
  • You can profit with ANY type of music.

Easy listening… equals easy money!  So put on your headphones, lie back and enjoy.

Hear that in the distance? It’s the sound of money!  For the first time in your life you can relax knowing you finally have an edge.  Because this is super new.

This video explains everything  ==>

This really is a very simple method to apply:

STEP 1 – Listen to music on your phone or computer

STEP 2 – Load the Payola app and enter a few words

STEP 3 – Start collecting payola daily.

As long as you have a phone and a browser to run the app on, you can listen… and profit.. whenever you feel like a cash dip!  You could be making money with this lucrative method, DOZENS of times a month.

So what are you waiting for?

Hit this link to make musical “Payola” right now…


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