Sneaky Way to Get Lots of Good Reviews

To get lots of good reviews you’re first going to need a place where people can leave their reviews. For example, if you sell on Amazon then Amazon is the place to capture your reviews. If you have a review system on your website, then that’s where you’ll be sending people. Here’s how it works…Sneaky Way to Get Lots of Good Reviews

You send your product to your customer, whether that means shipping it to them or sending them to your download page.

In your product where it cannot be missed, you enclose a card or page that says something like:

How Would You Like a ___ 100% FREE with FREE Shipping?


Fill out the form, choose a product and we’ll ship it to you 100% FREE.
– No Shipping Charges!
– No Hidden Fees!
– No Credit Card Required!

Naturally if you’re delivering products electronically, you will alter the language on this. You can either specify what product you will send or you can let them choose.

When they go to your site, there will be a simple form asking what they purchased from you, what they want to receive for free, their address and the invoice number (if applicable). Once they fill this out they are feeling HAPPY because they are about to receive a free product, and who doesn’t love FREE?

This exact moment is the PERFECT time to ask for feedback (a review) on the product they already have. Simply take them to the next page where they are asked for feedback on the product they purchased.

Naturally, many of your customers will want to reciprocate your goodwill and leave a review, and more likely a good review due in part to the positive experience this process is providing for them.

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