The Basic Marketing Mistake You’re Probably Still Making

Short and sweet: Are you going wide instead of deep?The Basic Marketing Mistake You’re Probably Still MakingFor example, if you’re in online marketing, are you trying to reach every new marketer out there?

If your niche is gardening, are you trying to reach every vegetable gardener on the planet?

And if your niche is dating, are you targeting every single male – period?

Then you’re going too wide.

By appealing to everyone, you appeal to no one.

I once coached a woman who wanted to start a newsletter for parents.

All parents.

Of every age of child, 0-18.

Who lived anywhere on the planet.

I spent half the coaching session trying to talk her out of this strategy, or rather, lack of strategy.

She could not be dissuaded.

And I never heard from her or her newsletter again. My guess is she’s still stuck working the 9-5 job she was trying so hard to leave.

What should she have done?

Targeted brand new first time parents, or parents of 0-2 year old children, or middle class working parents of annoying teenagers, or adoptive parents, or frustrated foster parents, or…

…you get the idea.

Broad niches will keep you broke and frustrated.

Narrow niches will make you rich.

It’s that simple.

Added Tip:

Do you have a niche that is uniquely yours? One that you feel you’re an expert in?

Don’t rely on algorithms of mainstream social media to get your message out there. Even paid advertising falls by the wayside quite often.  Post your information in your own piece of internet real estate and don’t allow the social media mega-giants to censor your work for any reason, or no reason at all. Don’t let your passion get lost in the social media shuffle.  Monetize your content and preserve it forever.

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