The Making of the IOT

IMPORTANT: I have ordered my free mining hotspot and all I have to do is put this device in my home and start getting paid in Crypto

Some people will be making thousands of $$$$$ a month just leaving the device plugged in.

If you want one let me know and I’ll give you my referral link. The reason why it’s FREE is because the company fronts the cost in exchange for a %age of all the coins you mine.

You might ask why don’t they just put all of the miners in one spot and keep all of the coins because that’s not how it works. They’re trying to deploy 40 million of these devices across the globe. They want one every 300 meters.

If you want A FREE DEVICE just let me know. Helium is super legit. We’re creating the Internet of things (IOT) longFi radio network.

There is no fee, no catch, you simply put the device in your window and let it do it’s thing. Then you get paid.

By the way, they have a Crypto card approved and ready for us so we will be able to spend all the Crypto we earn anywhere around the world!

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The Making of the IOT

How to turn your passion into profit:

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