This Stupid Mistake Will Cost You Money

Don’t even second guess when I tell you that an abundance of typos on your sales page will create doubt in your prospect… They’ll suspect you have no clue what you’re doing.

Further, they may suspect you’re a fly-by-nighter, someone who threw a site up to grab sales and then disappear like vapor in a storm.

Yes, we all make typos – including and maybe especially me. But I take great pains NOT to make them on sales pages, for good reason.

Recently I was intrigued by an email promising to build a news site that would generate an income for me. Okay, I know what you’re thinking already. Yeah. Right. Sure it will.

But what the heck… I clicked the link, scrolled down a bit, and here’s the first paragraph I read:

Last Trending News
Your News Dashboard Bring To You The Last News to Easly Click and Post. You Can Pin The The News With One More Click To Make Your Posts Unique.

How many errors did you find in this tiny bit of copy?

I found 6 or 7, depending on how you count them.

It should read…

Latest Trending News
Your News Dashboard Brings To You The Latest News to Easily Click and Post. You Can Pin The News With One More Click To Make Your Posts Unique.

Even then the writing is terrible.

Yes, English is obviously their second language. But they couldn’t spare a hundred bucks to get someone to check their copy for them?

Sale lost.

Lesson learned: Typos in sales letters can and will lower your conversion rates. Go the extra mile to avoid them, and always have at least one additional set of careful eyes look over your pages before going live.

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